Is Hemp the new SUPER FOOD?

The research says YES...

Q&A: Fighting the Myths!

1) Myth: Hemp isn't a food ... ??? WRONG!

Hemp is a food AND it's one of the best superfoods out there! Hemp seeds are rich in nutrients, extremely versatile, and tasty too. 

High in protein, Complete amino acid profile, High fiber content, Essential fatty acids, Plant-based protein, Loaded with Omega-3 and 6.

2) Why is Hemp a Must for everyone?

If you’re looking for a natural boost in performance, hemp seeds are the way to go. Commonly known as “the complete protein,” more than 25% of their total calories are from high-quality protein. Plus, hemp seeds contain all nine of the essential amino acids recommended for a healthy diet. Which means every bite of Hemp N’ Seeds bread is giving your body exactly what it requires to be at the peak of fitness.

3) Myth: Hemp Can Get You High ... ???

The psychoactive compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana plants average 10-20% THC, sometimes more. Hemp, on the other hand, can contain no more than .3% THC by law. It’s not enough to elicit even the slightest buzz.

4) Myth: Hemp and Marijuana Come From the Same Plant ...

This is a major source of confusion. Hemp and marijuana come from the same species of plant (Cannabis sativa), but they’re very different cultivars. When cannabis contains significant amounts of THC and is psychoactive, it’s characterized as marijuana. If the plant has only trace amounts of THC and is non-psychoactive, it’s classified as hemp: same species, different plant.

5) Myth: Hemp is bad for children and pregnant women.

Hemp is safe for children! Just remember to consider body weight when determining serving size – much like you would with any other food. As a general guideline cut the recommended serving size shown on each package by 1/3 or 1/2 depending on the child’s age and size.

Hemp contains numerous nutrients including folic acid, so it is a safe and delicious addition to expectant mothers’ diets.

6) Myth: Hemp Seed Oil Is the Same as CBD Oil ...

While this falls under the category of hemp myths, it’s actually more of an honest misconception. When you search for CBD online, you’ll see a lot of results for hemp seed oil. This is especially common in marketplaces where CBD sales are prohibited, like Amazon. A casual buyer will often purchase the hemp seed oil assuming it to be CBD, but hemp seed oil has no cannabidiol whatsoever.

CBD is extracted from the flowers and leaves. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds. The oil may offer some therapeutic value thanks to the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, but it is not CBD and should not be confused as such.


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