Company Philosophy

Our Mission – To love Bread again:

  Hemp N’ Seeds Bread Mixes are the product of two men who spent a large part of their careers mastering the art of baking and food science.

  Through traditional and cultural uses of whole grains, plants and seeds, their focus has been on maximizing nutritional benefits.

  The result? The most nutritious bread mixes on the market

  We believe in using the best ingredients available to us. Protein packed, our bread family will satisfied all bread lovers by adding nutrients that will make your gut feel better and give you energy all day.




Cedric Fichepain


Certified Executive Chef and Baker

Having trained under Yann Kogut (winner of “Best Young French Baker” in 2009), Cedric now has 20 years of restaurant experience and more than seven years in the bakery field. He opened his own restaurant, Le Voltaire, more than 20 years ago. And, at present, he is the owner-operator of Le Petit Paris French Bakery.

Richard Charpentier


Certified Master Baker and Baking Scientist

With more than 30 years of bakery experience, ranging from small retail operations to large commercial bakeries, Richard has been devoted to research and product development. And he has a true passion and knack for understanding the science behind everything we eat.